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Refined data on 5 billion addressable devices

Build Custom Audiences
at Scale

  • Target by Mobile Device ID or IP Address
  • Refined data on 5 billion addressable devices
  • Built for scale and with anonymity – safe for any enterprise

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Gathr Labs Living Audience

Living Audience is a self-service or managed-service platform that focuses on the highest quality of data tied to anonymous audiences around the world. Custom audience creation, look-alike modeling, and bespoke audience analysis come together on one succinct platform.

Custom audiences at scale across any device.

Unmatched Reach Integrations Valuable data with anonymity Simple
  • Ultimate Reach

Target via IP or Mobile for Unmatched Reach

We aren’t a black box. We think you should power up your data where it allows you to best serve your consumers.

Living Audience puts the power of your audience in your hands. Push your creative to your preferred programmatic activation partners or bring the data into your own environment.

Deploy Custom Built Audiences to over 50 Partners

We aren’t a media player. We won’t be grading our own homework. Instead, we work with the best in the business to deliver your creative to your highly-customized audience.

Push your audience or look-alike model to one of our 50 programmatic activation partners or download your audience via a .csv list of either mobile Ad IDs or IP addresses.

Audience Data Built on 20+ Years of Experience

We don’t use cookies and emails. We focus on the most valuable information with anonymity.

Our data goes through the most stringent processes in validation and compliance. We never use bid stream data. We demand at least 5 decimal points in our lat/long collection, and our data scientists take care of deduplication, cleansing and fraud-filtering. Our data partnerships are founded on privacy and transparency, making data collection compliance the foundation of Living Audience.

Choose managed or self-service options

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Living Audience is simple and straightforward.

Living Audience is bringing clarity to audience creation through its ease of use. Whether you prefer to manage your own segments and campaigns or want a little help, Gathr Lab has you covered.