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Gathr Lab’s Living Audience data solution is easy to incorporate into our targeting platform, allowing our clients to move beyond off-the-shelf personas to identify and reach their most valuable consumers.

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Leading the Way for Real Transformation in Audience Management

Heritage. That’s an enviable quality that few companies in the world today can claim, especially in the technology industry―even more so in the ad-tech space. You, like us, have seen many companies come and go. Their technology solutions were no longer useful or had limitations that didn’t allow for customers to evolve and scale to address changing market conditions. There’s something to be said about working with a company that has a long history of integrity, trust, experience and proven results in your industry.

Gathr Lab is one such company, built on a rich heritage of leading the location-based data and services industry for more than 20 years, a company I’ve grown and changed with for over 17 years. We’ve been observing, listening and taking note. We see far too many agencies and brands that are left in the dark today, wondering where their money has gone and how their customized consumer data has been compiled.

A perfect storm of influences has come together that has the marketplace begging for a company like Gathr Lab to lead the way for transformation in audience management: Legislative factors, such as GDPR and an increasing number of state-initiated privacy laws; business trends, such as the push for Big Data and growing consumer privacy concerns; and a marketplace filled with black-box solutions that lack the much-needed visibility into audience data that marketers need to analyze performance.

That’s why Gathr Lab exists―to meet the unaddressed marketplace desire for high-quality location data and solutions that provide anonymity and transparency while offering reach across all devices, in both the digital and physical worlds. Our first product offering is Living Audience, a new audience management platform (AMP) that simplifies complex first- and third-party data tied to billions of devices. Uniquely, the platform allows marketers to use either Mobile Advertising IDs or IP addresses to provide high-quality, actionable location and audience intelligence that reveals how consumers truly engage with the world around them. 

We understand that most companies are looking at data science these days, but we aren’t just leveraging data science like everyone else. And, we aren’t saying we have some magical answer out of the blue either. However, our knowledge and understanding of valuable and actionable location data, and the ability to differentiate that from bad-quality data, combined with our team of data scientists is allowing us to address the challenges in the market with open eyes. And, we aren’t ones to grade our own homework, meaning we don’t serve media and aren’t biased in the results. Our goal is to leverage the best data and understand what is truly happening, and help empower agencies, brands and publishers to make the best decisions possible.

With that being said, we want to welcome you to the launch of the Gathr Lab blog. It is here where we want to delve deeper than product features and functions to provide keen insight, objective perspective and proven solutions to help marketers better understand and reach their audiences. In this blog, we’ll talk about trends, events and market shifts that will impact your business in today’s digital economy.

The Gathr Lab team includes some of the brightest minds in the industry with deep experience in location intelligence and data science. In our blog, we want to share our combined expertise and innovative passion in hopes that you’ll join us in transforming the marketing industry by bringing the digital and real worlds closer together.

Born from a company that has worn a white hat in the industry, Gathr Lab is placing consumer privacy and anonymity at the forefront of every solution and product we deliver. Data integrity is the DNA of our company. And, that’s data integrity defined as: unbiased, untapped and undisputed. More on that in the coming months.

In the meantime, to get more details about the launch of Gathr Lab and its new AMP solution, read the full news release here.

Natasha Templeton, Chief of Revenue

Leading the Way for Real Transformation in Audience Management
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