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Gathr Lab’s Living Audience data solution is easy to incorporate into our targeting platform, allowing our clients to move beyond off-the-shelf personas to identify and reach their most valuable consumers.

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Living Audince

Built for scale and with anonymity, Living Audience is Gathr Lab’s audience management platform that simplifies complex first- and third-party data tied to billions of devices.

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Uniquely with Living Audience, clients can use either Mobile Advertising IDs or IP addresses to provide high-quality, actionable location and audience intelligence that reveals how consumers truly engage with the world around them. Living Audience improves engagement by allowing clients to build highly custom audiences at scale across any device; develop look-alike modeling; and conduct bespoke audience analysis within one easy-to-use platform. Users also gain newfound flexibility to push creative to their preferred programmatic activation partners or to bring the data into their own environments.


Data Integrity: Unbiased, Untapped and Undisputed.

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Gathr Lab: Living Audince Features
Living Audience

Custom audiences across any device

Living Audience simplifies complex first- and third-party data tied to billions of devices

Build custom audiences at scale

  • High quality data

    Mobile data from 100+ countries across the world goes through the most stringent validation and compliance processes.

  • Build your own audience

    Customize your audiences based on geography, demographics, device details, and more.

  • Or tap into pre-built audiences

    Over 100 predefined audiences are available to provide easy access to popular audience segments

  • Look-alike modeling

    We identify the top unifying characteristics of your “best customer” audiences, allowing you to expand reach to similar users.

  • Built-in integrations and reporting

    Gain deep quantitative and qualitative behavioral insights about your target audiences and campaigns.

  • It’s simple

    Living Audience is easy to use and straightforward, putting the power of audience creation in your hands.

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Living Audience
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custom audiences across any device

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Gathr Lab – What We are

Spending over 20 years growing our experiential resume and continually setting the standard in location-based data science. Gathr Lab, a tenured and yet emerging company, is here.

Observing as far too many agencies and brands have been left in the dark wondering where their money has gone and how their customized consumer data has been compiled. Gathr Lab, committed to data anonymity and refreshing transparency, is here. Now, we’re leading change.

Focusing on developing innovative products and services across all devices, we believe in scalable, people-centric solutions regardless of any ad specific inventory or format. Gathr Lab, empowering businesses to use their resources effectively, is here.